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What is ACE Coach Education?

ACE Coach Education provides coaches, players and parents with 32 online courses to help you engage, empower and develop players of all ages and abilities in tennis.


ACE Online Courses

Learn how to become the best coach, parent and player you can be - improve your knowledge, skills and behaviour today.


Become a better Tennis Coach today. Inspire your players, improve your knowledge and impact performance. 

- Under 10 Tennis
- How to Create Time & Space
- Feet Like Fed
- Engaging Adult Beginners
- Gamification Strategies

And lots more!!


If you want to improve the coordination and confidence of your child then it is up to you, the parent, guardian, caretaker to compliment the weekly tennis lesson/s with fun tactical and gamified activities. How can you practice play with your child under 12 years of age and give them the gift of life? Check out this blue, red, orange and green book and video series.


Improve your tennis game today via numerous online courses or one on one private lesson consulting.  Here are some courses that might be of interest:

- Master your Mindset
- Empower Hour
- LEFT-IN (for lefties only)
- Pickleball Hack - For Tennis Players
- Winning Doubles - The Aussie Way

Kinesthetic Learning Academy

The Kinesthetic Learning Academy is the definitive guide for parents, players and coaches to help accelerate your learning (through feel based activities) and to complement your tennis development. It was created out of a need for more home practice solutions in a 2020 world and to let the equipment to the teaching for you. We hope to see you on the other side.


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Are you interesting in running a

Option 1) Emma Doyle and Tina Samara can come out to your club and run a GIRL POWER CAMP with you.
Option 2) How to run a Girl Power Camp is an online course that teaches you about subtle gender differences so that you can attract, keep and coach girls in tennis. It is based on the principles of engage (through listening), develop (through improvement) and empower (through strengthening the inner voice of teenage girls).

Find out the secrets to success behind the Girl Power Camps and walk away with the confidence to run one at your club to help connect girls with tennis.


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Tailored Workshops

TESTIMONIAL - AJ Cotter, CTA Sussex (UK)

"We had Emma Doyle and Tina Samara at our Club in summer 2019 to run an Aussie Doubles Clinic for our Adult Players. The response we had from our club members was overwhelming. Having these two guests at the Club was an honour and a privilege. We had over 20 adults attend the Clinic and everyone of them left with a huge smile and a lot of great information. What hit home to most players was discovering their affirmation and anchor. This stuck with them in their next match and has since helped them with their games. Learning the Aussie Formation and how to utilise this in matches was also a highlight for many. But mostly the energy, the fun, the laughter and the bringing of everyone together was most memorable. The way Emma and Tina kept everyone engaged was truly a sight to see. Top drawer quality. Invite them to your Club as soon as you can."

Inspire. Improve. Impact.

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