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The ACE Coach Education Membership Site is designed to INSPIRE, IMPROVE and IMPACT your playing and coaching toolkit to help connect people with tennis and fall in love with the battle of competition so that they become lifelong tennis enthusiasts. This membership site has 27 online courses, 100's of short videos for you to absorb the content at your own pace. There are creative teaching games for kids, adults and presentations that support you in taking a deeper dive into topics such as how to develop your coaching philosophy, effective communication skills and conflict resolution strategies. 

From $19 a month - BRONZE Package

ACE Coach Membership Packages

What's the difference? What's the value?

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Bronze Monthly

Online Content

$19 USD
per month

Bronze Monthly
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Bronze Yearly

Online Content

$199 USD

Bronze Yearly
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Silver Monthly

Online Content & Group Coaching Call

$29 USD 
per month

Silver Monthly
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Silver Yearly

Online Content & Group Coaching Call

$299 USD

Silver Yearly
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Gold Monthly

Online Content & Private Tennis Coaching Lesson or Call

$249 USD 
per month

Gold Monthly
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Gold Yearly

Online Content & Private Tennis Coaching Lesson or Call

$2,499 USD yearly

Gold Yearly

What online courses are in the ACE Coach Membership site?

Player Development Activities for Coaches, Parents & Players

Coaches 1) 10 CORE Lesson Principles
Coaches/Parents 2) ACE Foundation Course (4 – 12 years)
Coaches/Players 3) Tennis with Ema - Quick Technical Tips 
Coaches/Parents 4) Little ACES (2 – 5 years)
Parents 5) What do I Wear on my Feet to Play Tennis?
Coaches 6) Reinventing Ball Pick-up & Feeding
Coaches/Players 7) Creating Time and Space
Coaches/Players 8) Feet Like Fed
Coaches/Parents 9) Everyone Can Rally - Progress and Regress Strategies for U12
Coaches 10) Gamification - Engaging the Next Generation
Coaches 11) Effective Communication Strategies
Players 12) How to Communication with your doubles partner
Coaches 13) Coaching Philosophy - Reflect, Review & Renew
Coaches 14) The Coach's Journey - how to reflect on conference learnings
Coaches/Parents 15) Conflict Resolution Strategies
Coaches/Players 16) Engaging Lessons for Adults
Coaches 17) How to Run a GIRL POWER CAMP
Parents 18) ACE Tennis for Kids – Blue Book & Video Series (2 - 5 years)
Parents 19) ACE Tennis for Kids – Red Book & Video Series (5 - 8 years)
Parents 20) ACE Tennis for Kids – Orange Book & Video Series (8 - 10 years)
Parents 21) ACE Tennis for Kids – Green Book & Video Series (9+ years)
Coaches/Players/Parents 22) Kinesthetic Learning Academy
Coaches 23) Presentation Blueprint – Boost your speaking skills
Players 24) Master your Mindset
Players/Parents 25) Empower Hour – Life Coaching Course
LEFT Handed Players 26) LEFT-IN – For lefties only
Coaches/Players 27) Pickleball Hack for Tennis Players
Coaches/Players/Parents 28) How to get your continental grip license

Also, check out the @TenniswithEma Instagram page for a sample of the new content that will be added every month!

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What is included for the junior and adult players inside the ACE Coach Membership site?

  • ACE Foundation Course (4 – 12 years)
  • Tennis with Ema - Quick Technical Tips 
  • Little ACES (2 – 5 years)
  • Creating Time and Space
  • Feet Like Fed
  • How to Communication with your doubles partner
  • Engaging Lessons for Adults
  • ACE Tennis for Kids – Blue Book and Video Series 
  • Kinesthetic Learning Academy
  • Presentation Blueprint – Boost your speaking skills
  • Master your Mindset
  • Empower Hour – Life Coaching Course
  • LEFT-IN – For lefties only
  • Pickleball Hack for Tennis Players
Bronze Package is from $19 per month
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In addition to what is listed under the player highlights, coaches can tap into the ACE Coach Membership Site presentations from around the world that encourage you to reflect, review and renew your coaching skills. 

  • Effective Communication Strategies (Michigan, 2019)
  • How to Communication with your doubles partner (Tennis Congress, 2018)
  • Coaching Philosophy - Reflect, Review & Renew (PTR, 2019)
  • The Coach's Journey - how to reflect on conference learnings (Australia Open, 2019)
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies (Director of Tennis, PTR, 2018

Other courses of interest include:

  • Reinventing Ball Pick-up
  • No More Lines
  • Gamification - Engaging the Next Generation
  • How to Run a GIRL POWER CAMP
  • Presentation Blueprint – Boost your speaking skills
Silver Package is from $29 per month
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Parents and guardians - you are the secret ingredient to help your child build their coordination and confidence. Inside the ACE Coach Membership site, you will learn how to practice and play with your child to support the weekly tennis session.

Playing tennis once a week isn't enough and what you can do at home, in the driveway and down at the local courts is what really makes the difference. The majority of the online courses are targeted at children aged 12 and under and the entire ACE Tennis for Kids - Book and Video series was designed for parents.

  • ACE Tennis for Kids – Blue Book and Video Series (2 - 5 years)
  • ACE Tennis for Kids – Red Book and Video Series (5 - 8 years)
  • ACE Tennis for Kids – Orange Book and Video Series (8 - 10 years)
  • ACE Tennis for Kids – Green Book and Video Series (9+ years)

If you choose the gold package, in addition to the content, you will receive a one on one call once a month with your online facilitators, Em/ma's in Tennis. They bring their energy and they have combined youth with experience to embrace parents and improve your child's coordination and confidence.

We hope to see you on the other side.

Gold Package is from $249 per month

Who is this for?

Coaches, Parents and Players.

Your Online Coaches Em/ma's in Tennis

Emma Doyle and Ema Burgic Bucko are your online coaches in helping you turn your motivation into activation. This membership site will kick-start your energy and your interest due to the practical coaching strategies that can be adapted across all stages and ages of development. Both Em/ma's are USPTA - Elite Coaches. Ema was a former WTA professional and Emma has represented Australia on 20 occasions as a world junior team coach. They are passionate about being role models for other female coaches and helping individuals embrace high performing principles allowing them to see beyond what they could have ever imagined.  

Learn more about Em/ma's
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Testimonials - About Ema Burgic Bucko

"I have been taking lessons with Ema since the summer of 2020. When I first started I had minimal experience, and she started from the ground up with me. She is organized and quickly can assess what a new student needs and then sets out with clarity a pathway to improve. She is patient and yet demanding to bring out the best in her students. Now almost 1.5 years later, she has transformed my game, and I continue to improve each time thanks to her. She is the best coach in Wellington by far and is one of the best coaches you’ll find in South Florida.”

Todd Thurston - Player

"I have been playing tennis for a long time on and off, I never really got into it. We also switched coaches so many times because they were unfocused, and unmotivated.. Then we got introduced to Coach Ema, from the first lesson we could tell she was different. Super friendly, highly motivated and driven!! The last year my tennis game has gone in a really positive direction thanks to Ema, and I am excited to see where her coaching can help me get to.... 1000/10 recommend Coach EMA she’s awesome!!"

- Victoria Xie - Player

Testimonial - Emma Doyle

Jess O’Meara – Director of 5 SETS to tennis success – AUSTRALIA

“The biggest lessons I have learned from Emma Doyle’s coaching and mentoring are all the different sections needed, to not only run a successful business but to ensure that I have a balanced approach to my life. I now implement structures and systems, such as annual lesson planning that have enhanced my communication with my team, parents and players both on and off the court. Emma keeps you accountable and helped me to have clear, simple and decisive goals. I could not recommend her services and products more highly.”

Testimonial - Former Student of Emma Doyle 

Brianna Morgan – Former US College tennis player and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, AUSTRALIA

“I began working with Emma Doyle as an aspiring junior tennis player. The thing I remember most about those sessions were Emma’s infectious energy, passion for life and commitment to bringing out the best in your mind, body and tennis game every single session. Now, the days of junior tennis are long gone, but Emma had such an indelible influence on my life as a coach that she remains, to this day, a highly respected and loved mentor and friend. This is a credit to Emma as not just a great coach, but a truly exceptional person.”


Testimonial – Coach: Paul Crosby – Tennis Coach from Geelong,  Australia

"I signed up for Emma Doyle’s Mentor program to improve my tennis coaching skills. When we catch up for a mentor session, Emma is always friendly, early, positive, enthusiastic, energetic and challenging. Emma is able to pass on her skills and knowledge of tennis, which include insights into the biomechanics of tennis strokes, drills, tactics and mindset that are invaluable. Emma engages in every class and maintains intensity right to the end of each session. Emma imparts a positive attitude and language in her lessons, which has made me a better coach and person. We have truly connected and she inspires me to continue my learning journey. She has even worked with my sons and developed both of them into accomplished tennis players who will, most likely, play for a lifetime.

I would highly recommend Emma’s ACE mentoring program as you also gain access to her ACE Coach Education Membership Site as well. Emma has totally challenged and influenced the way I interact and communicate when coaching. The ACE Coach Education Membership Site is a great support to have as an archive with insights into leadership and tennis to compliment the mentoring program. I guarantee that Emma and the ACE coaching services will help you become a better coach for your clients, especially gaining valuable insights from her overseas experiences. I have also left with vastly more from the mentoring program in that I have made a great friend as well.”

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