LEFT-IN - Tennis Training for Lefties ONLY!

This online tennis training course is for LEFT-HANDED players only and coaches in order to help them better understand how to teach a lefty. It has been designed by Tina Samara, a left-handed former professional player turned coach! There are few, if any, courses designed specifically for left-handed players that also help coaches understand how to teach left-handed players. The demonstrations are all left-handed and the tactical activities have been designed to embrace the left-hander's way of thinking and feeling. Tony Palafox (former coach of John McEnroe and Tina Samara) is the special guest providing his insights on how he taught one of the best left-handed players in the world.


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Are you sick of being ignored? 
Are you sick of having to mirror all demonstrations?
Are you sick of coaches not even acknowledging lefties?

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Warm-up Games

Lefties need a fun and challenging way to warm-up. Check out these activities to think outside of the box and help the lefty warm up in a competitive and engaging way. You are going to love DOuble TAP! 

Tactical Creations

Lefties see the court differently and therefore, tactical activities that favour the lefty and cater for unique angles and spins is what this section is all about. One of Tina's favourite activities in this section is the reverse slice backhand that right-handed players really struggle to return. 


Work on your balance and your non-hitting arm to help you improve your technique. And work on that lefty-swinging wide serve to take your opponent off the court. Tina played semi-pro golf after competing on the WTA tour and so she values the importance of sound technique.

Trick Activities

It wouldn't be a lefty online course without a section on trick activities.  These activities teach you how to maximize time and space as well as how to hit the tweener! Better yet, next time your opponent is standing too far back to receive your serve, why not go for a drop shot serve?

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Interview #1) Tony Palafox

Antonio (Tony) Palafox (born in 1936) is a Mexican male former tennis player. He won the doubles at the U.S. Open in 1962 at Wimbledon in 1963. He is a former coach of John McEnroe and Tina Samara. In this interview, he says: "You have to understand the "lefty" HOOK serve and understand your player."

Interview #2) Storm Sanders

Storm Sanders is a professional tennis tour player from Australia. Her WTA singles ranking is 202 and her doubles ranking is 63. Storm shares her insights on what it really means to be a lefty on tour.

Interview #3) Steve Blundell

Steve Blundell is a Tennis Australia High-Performance Coach who is left-handed himself and he is passionate about coaching left-handed players. 

Interview #4) Casey Dellacqua

Casey Dellacqua retired from professional tennis in 2018 and reached a career-high WTA singles ranking of 26.  The West Australian was an integral member of the Australian Fed Cup team and a dual Olympian. Dellacqua is now a respected commentator and is passionate about growing and developing the game in Australia through mentoring and coaching. 

Interview #5) Joel Drucker

Joel Drucker is one of the world's leading tennis writers and he is also a left-handed tennis player! His work spans the worlds of professional and recreational tennis – history, news, player profiles (especially on lefties), psychology, instruction, travel, humor and participatory experiences. 

About Tina Samara

Tina played both professional tennis and semi-pro golf herself, she understands what is required to become a champion. On the WTA tour, she reached a career-high ranking of 223 in doubles and played in the US Open Singles in 1994 and 1995. During her US College playing days, she won three NCAA National Team Championships and was the #1 ranked NCAA doubles team for the University of Georgia in 1995. Following her sporting achievements, Tina went on to coach Division 1 women's college tennis for 11 years and was known for her practical, empathic and direct approach to the holistic development of both the person and the athlete. Tina privately coaches and mentors many teenage athletes to help them transition from high school into college by pursuing their sporting goals and dreams.  

She is the owner and founder of Transition Coach 4 Athletes. This service helps student-athletes navigate the often challenging world of balancing study and maximizing sports performance as well as helping find US College Scholarships. She can be reached via [email protected]

LEFTIES think differently & see the court differently!

They enjoy challenges.




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