ACE Tennis for Kids - Green Book

ACE Tennis for Kids – Green Book is designed to help show you some more advanced and practical activities that you can do with children aged approximately 9+ years designed to improve children’s coordination and, parents’ and coaches’ communication skills. Movement for children is an essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle and improved levels of co-ordination in children builds self-esteem leading to greater confidence.

Parents often ask the question “What can I do at home to help to support the weekly tennis lesson?” The following activities can provide creative solutions to this question.  The content includes language tips and covers the four fundamental ingredients for success in sport:

MOVEMENT / MAGIC (technical) / MISSION (tactical) & MINDSET

Remember that the ball is in your court.

Happy Hitting.

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What's on the other side?

MOVEMENT: Think Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.
  • Q = Quick
  • Q = Quick
  • R = Rotator Cuff
  • S = Stances
  • T = Twisting
  • U = Underdog
  • V = Velocity
  • W = Water
  • X = X-factor
  • Y = Yes
  • Z = Zeal  

MAGIC: Technical

  • Demonstrations for all strokes
  • CUE words
  • Support Skills

MISSION: Tactical

  • G = Gather (information about self & opponent)
  • R = Reinforce 
  • E = Educate
  • E = Energy
  • N = Now (or non-negotiables)

MINDSET: Life Skills

  • D = Do
  • E = Engage
  • V = Venue
  • E = Embrace
  • L = Love
  • O = Options
  • P = Passion
  • M = Mindset
  • E = Energy
  • N = NLP
  • T = Tennis
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Testimonial -

Testimonial - Parent: Caroline Nikolic (daughter: Abbey)

"We first met Emma in 2016 and we love her. We quickly realized that she needed to become part of the integrated tennis coaching program for our daughter Abbey.  Her extensive knowledge of tennis technique was immediately apparent, however, we were drawn to how she communicated with Abbey, in a way that grows results. Emma guides, inspires and empowers the player to realize and develop their full potential.  She is a motivator with a positive attitude and boundless enthusiasm for the game and the player. Her practice sessions are fun, fresh and challenging whilst supporting performance goals. However, it’s not just the on-court element that we have been impressed with but the off-court component. Emma takes time to understand the player, their drive, motivations and goals. Working with their mindset she individualizes their learning plan to incorporate the player’s emotions, strengths and learning opportunities. She will seek out input from the player and adjust the plan accordingly. Her capacity to engage the whole person is key to her and the players. Emma has a unique set of talents and skills that makes her an outstanding coach, one we are happy to recommend as great coaches like Emma are hard to find."

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Testimonial -

Conrad Singh - Director of Coaching, CEO Centercourt Tennis Academy 

"Emma Doyle conducted a Coach Education Training Day that inspired my entire team to want to improve their skills. She focused on U10 creative retention strategies as well as effective communication techniques. The coaches worked together in small groups and were challenged to progress and regress all of the activities creating a peer team coaching culture. She provided timely, positive and encouraging feedback helping my staff feel valued yet a hunger for further learning. Post the workshop, a number of coaches reached out to say how much they enjoyed the sessions and asking if Emma could return for more Coach Education. Will be definitely be inviting her back to share her passion, world-class knowledge and energy-filled motivation as without hesitation it has a flow-on effect."

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Your online facilitator:

Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is the coaches’ coach and an online facilitator in helping individuals turn their motivation into activation. This course will kick-start your energy and your interest due to the practical coaching strategies that can be adapted across all stages and ages of development. She is a Tennis Australia high-performance coach with a strong background as a touring professional having represented her native country of Australia over 20 times. She is passionate about helping individuals embrace coaching principles allowing them to see beyond what they could have ever imagined.  

Emma embodies the principles within the ACE Tennis for Kids Video and Book series helping you do the same. She is a TEDx speaker (Unleashing Female Potential) who is on a mission to create a world of gender equity through female empowerment.

Coordination EQUALS confidence.

The ball is in your court.





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