ACE Tennis for Kids - Orange Book

ACE Tennis for Kids – Orange Book is designed to help show you some fun and practical activities that you can play with children aged approximately 7 – 9 years.  The activities are designed to improve children’s coordination and, parents’ and coaches’ communication skills.  Movement for children is an essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle and improved levels of co-ordination in children builds self-esteem leading to greater confidence.

Parents often ask the question “What can I do at home to help to support the weekly tennis lesson?” The following fun activities can provide creative solutions to this question.  The content includes language tips and covers the four fundamental ingredients for success in sport:

MOVEMENT / MAGIC (How to hit) / MISSION (Where to hit) & MINDSET

Remember that the ball is in your court.

Happy Hitting.


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What's on the other side?

MOVEMENT: Think H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P.
  • H = Height
  • I = Individual
  • J = Jumping
  • K = Kicking
  • L = Low
  • M = movement  
  • N = Neurons
  • O = Opposites
  • P = Posture

MAGIC: How to hit

  • Demonstrations for all strokes
  • CUE words
  • Support Skills

MISSION: Tactics

  • O = Options (& opposites)
  • R = Run
  • A= arrange
  • N = Net
  • G = Go
  • E = Excite 

MINDSET: Life Skills

  • D = Do
  • E = Engage
  • V = Venue
  • E = Embrace
  • L = Love
  • O = Options
  • P = Passion
  • M = Mindset
  • E = Energy
  • N = NLP
  • T = Tennis
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Testimonial -
Tyra Calderwood

WTA Career High Doubles Ranking: #190

"Emma's coaching helped me a lot, she is a super positive coach and encouraged me to always try new things with my doubles play. Emma was my coach on many tours overseas, where I competed in junior teams events. Emma taught me a lot about using different shots, especially the slice and how I could use it as an aggressive shot. As a team we learned different plays, tandem or also known as Aussie formation was one of my favourites. This play allowed me to learn about space on the court and also provide a different visual for the returning team. I found learning this play early in my career helped me be comfortable moving forward and being up at the net and definitely helped me later in my career become a serve volleyer."

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Testimonial -

Donna Winter-Irving,
Tennis Coach 

“Emma was fantastic and I have just been doing a bit of research on this amazing woman.  She has inspired me to bring tennis back to the forefront in our small town.  I share her passion for tennis but honestly the game has lacked spark.  We need "Emma on Tour" in regional areas to spread her love & vitality.”

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Your online facilitator:

Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is the coaches’ coach and an online facilitator in helping individuals turn their motivation into activation. This course will kick-start your energy and your interest due to the practical coaching strategies that can be adapted across all stages and ages of development. She is a Tennis Australia high-performance coach with a strong background as a touring professional having represented her native country of Australia over 20 times. She is passionate about helping individuals embrace coaching principles allowing them to see beyond what they could have ever imagined.  

Emma embodies the principles within the ACE Tennis for Kids Video and Book series helping you do the same. She is a TEDx speaker (Unleashing Female Potential) who is on a mission to create a world of gender equity through female empowerment.

Coordination EQUALS confidence.

The ball is in your court.





Co-ordination = COnfidence. 

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