Baseline Chat - Think like a Butterfly, be grounded like a caterpillar!

Baseline Chat – Butterfly to Caterpillar Thinking

Baseline Chat is Emma's monthly Vlog providing free coaching tools to add to your toolkit as well as the latest news and updates.
Thank you for taking the time to read this edition of Baseline Chat. In these uncertain times for so many people, including myself, I have been reflecting on all of the opportunities that get pushed to the back of my to-do-list because of time. I call these 'parking lot' ideas. As many of you know I love presenting and impacting in person through keynote talks, workshops and training. All of these opportunities are on hold for the next six months, which has opened up the time to re-visit some of these parking lot ideas. In essence, I have been forced to think like a butterfly, yet stay grounded like a caterpillar.
Coaching Toolkit - Think like a butterfly, ground like a caterpillar!
Perhaps we can all benefit from this analogy and add this type of 'parking lot' thinking to our coaching toolkit. Just like this picture above from a Colorado hike called Chief's Mountain, stretch your comfort zone and rise above your current situation by either physically (travelling to a stunning viewpoint) or metaphorically by visualising yourself being a butterfly.
As we know, you cannot become a butterfly without being a caterpillar first, however, the coaching toolkit for this edition of Baseline Chat requires you to flip the model by thinking like a butterfly first.
Step 1) Begin by thinking like a butterfly. Rise above your own situation and think outside of the square. Ask yourself;
- What can you else can you focus on rather than staying potentially "stuck" in your own problems?
- What are others doing in my situation?
- How can I do my work remotely?
- What do I need to focus on each day to create new opportunities?
- What have I been neglecting?
- What part of my business can I look at and find a new way of achieving success?
Be still with some of these questions and see what comes up for you?
Step 2) Now thinking realistically and as grounded as a caterpillar. Return to the present, focus on taking your parking lot ideas and focus on the ones that are within your control. You may consider creating a list for the day/week and chunk this into manageable pieces.
This is exactly what I have been doing and the one area of my business that I have been neglecting is the online world through video education. I have been filming coaching activities for about five years now and never posted anything because I never felt ready. They were always too loud or too confusing or poor sound quality. In other words, I felt insecure to put myself out into the world and very self-critical. I could always find an unforced error in the video. Listening to branding experts like Gary Vee - the number one reason why people don't do things is the fear of what others might think and/or say. Worrying about other people's opinions. The irony is that when you think like a butterfly, the world feels like such a large place that the opinions of a few people are not important. If you don't like my content, don't follow me. Removing myself from my content was a huge insight that has encouraged me to take action and launch my online learning platform. Even by writing this down and committing this to you, there is accountability in taking this action.
Until next time, think like a butterfly and be grounded like a caterpillar.
Coach Emma
PS - Yes, our Costa Rica trip is, of course, postponed. However, what this does mean is that if you and your team are interested in picking your own date in the future - we still have this 'butterfly' option for later in the year or even in 2021. Why not park this once in a lifetime opportunity in your 'parking lot' for now.
PPS - Mindset conditioning and coach mentoring via zoom room are available. Book in your no-obligation free 15-minute laser coaching call and walk away with at least one more coaching or playing tool to add to your toolkit.

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