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Welcome to the FREE Mini Course called the Empower Hour. This course is made up of three core concepts. They include;
Boost your Confidence.
Enhance your Relationships.
Find real Purpose.
The outcome is EMPOWERMENT. In this FREE mini-course, you will experience one module from each of the core concepts. This will start you off in the right direction helping you to feel empowered with heightened self-awareness, team awareness and inspired winning strategies. Each week you will be given a game plan to ignite your motivation and help you to stay accountable. Are you ready to Empower your world and win your own Game, Set & Match in life?

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What you will able to add to your coaching toolkit ...

Strategies, tactics and a game plan for the following modules;

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Module 1 – Awareness (creating)
Module 2 – Patterns (of being)
Module 3 – Language (empowering)

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Module 4 – Values (aligning)
Module 5 – Self-esteem (building)
Module 7 – Direction (finding)
Module 8 – Courage (boosting)
Module 9 – Communication (real)

There are two versions for every module. One is a short game plan and one is a deeper dive of 45 minutes - 1 hour on each topic.

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Hanan from Kuwait

“Hello Emma! I’d like to take this moment to thank you for the delightful and enlightening your webinars have been. I came across you by chance, and the courses that are offered are so beneficial.

My name is Hanan and I’m from Kuwait. I am 27 years old…To me, picking up sport at this age felt like a far fetched and forgotten dream. It also felt like this is something that others get to do now that I didn’t really work for it.

I am now taking your Empowerment Project and it feels great to reconnect with myself and build up my confidence. I am starting to treat sports just like any other thing in life; if I want it, then I’ll go after it. Slowly breaking away from the limitation that I’ve lived with and added to overtime. Really, the sky is the limit. And my heart deserves to be more happy by playing and trying out the sport, rather than watching from the bleachers. Thank you!”

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Testimonial - Jing Wen - parent of a high school teenager - New Jersey USA

"I am so glad to come across this Empowerment Project for my 15-year-old son in high school.  The transition from middle school to high school was challenging for my son.  He does well in school, however, he often gets discouraged by thinking that many of his peers are just so much better than him in academics, in sports and in extracurricular activities.  And this thought often left him feeling that he has lost before he even started.  From a parent’s perspective, I often thought that Justin needs some building of self-confidence to believe in himself and his ability to succeed.  And the Empowerment Project was perfect for building confidence. 
Emma Doyle’s 10-session Empowerment Project provides a framework for what constitutes empowerment and takes individuals through each of the nine modules in the Genius Model to examine the why, what and how in the underlying driving forces, and offer concrete strategies and tools that one could use in their journey for self-improvement.  The Empowerment Project is not only good for student-athletes but also applicable and useful to anybody, youth or adult, athlete, student, working professional or parent, who wants to improve their self-awareness, self-esteem and achieve self-growth.  Emma Doyle is an energetic and interactive speaker and each session is action-oriented with a game plan at the end.  After ten webinars, both my son and I achieved a deepened understanding of what drives confidence and empowerment, and walked away with a tool kit full of strategies and tactics that we could resort to in meeting challenges in our life.  I will highly recommend the Empowerment Project to anyone who wants to understand what drives confidence, who wants to build confidence and achieve self-growth.  It is useful for anybody at any stage of their life."
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Testimonial -

Claire Nelson, Netball Scotland CEO – SCOTLAND

“Emma Doyle has the unique ability to smash through your limiting beliefs and barriers to unlock and unleash your true potential.  By stretching your comfort zone and equipping you with an array of practical tools and exercises, she prepares you for success both on and off the sports field. 

Full of energy and with a wealth of top-flight experience and expertise under her belt, Emma helped our UWS Sirens Netball Superleague athletes to find their ‘Super Powers’ and to commit to behaviours that will drive the core values and vision of the team as they compete for the League title #NoLimits.”





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Your online facilitator:

Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is your empowerment coach helping you turn your motivation into activation. This energy filled 'short course' (less than 1 hour) will leave you with practical coaching strategies that can be adapted to meet your individual needs. Emma is TA high-performance coach with a strong background as a tennis touring professional having represented her native country of Australia over 20 times. She is passionate about helping individuals embrace coaching principles allowing them to unleash their potential. 

Emma is passionately involved in creating gender equality in all sports and the workplace by empowering females; aiming to stretch their comfort zone, build their confidence and discover their inner coach. Emma embodies the principles within the Empower Hour helping you doe the same. She is on a TEDx speaker (Unleashing Female Potential) who is on a mission to create a world of gender equity through female empowerment.

TEDx – Unleashing Female Potential, Oneonta, New York




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