While tennis is a predominantly gender-equal sport when it comes to prize money and opportunities to play, the female dropout rate on the cusp of adolescence is four times to one compared to male tennis players. Therefore one of the great challenges we face is how to keep girls connected to tennis and retain them in the game. Consequently, the Girl Power Camps were born.

This online course takes you through a step by step approach on how you can run one at your club. The camp focuses teamwork to create a sense of belonging in which a growth mindset can flourish. The three most important elements to this camp include;

ENGAGE – Vision boards, fortune cookie positive affirmations

DEVELOP – Game styles based on characters and/or momentum

EMPOWER – Task and team-based activities coupled with empowering coaching language to build self-esteem and confidence.

Let's get started because together we can all make a difference to connect and empower girls with sport/tennis and who knows where their journey may lead.

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What you will able to add to your coaching toolkit;

  • Knowledge about the dropout rate and what the research suggests
  • Subtle gender differences
  • Walk in each other’s shoes
  • Language matters
  • Vision board activity
  • Anchors and affirmations
  • Fortune Cookie balls
  • Athletic development
  • Task based activities
  • Live ball learning
  • Teamwork
    • Momentum 
    • Game Styles
  • Maximum participation ideas

The Ball is in your court!


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ENGAGE (Belonging)

Generally, boys have to play well to feel like they belong. On the flip side, girls want to feel like they belong before they play well. Practical team centred activities are a core concept of the camps that help players fall in love with the battle of competition. 

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EMPOWER (Athletic)

The Athletic development activities are layered throughout the camp to help players enjoy feeling active, physical and strong. Fitness is used as a reward and never as a punishment so that girls enjoy all of the health benefits of physical activity.

DEVELOP (Improve/mastery)

Remember that girls play tennis because they want to learn, improve and develop mastery. They appreciate the WHY behind the activities and there are always three clear goals for every develop theme. For example, under game styles we focus on the tactical objectives within the three final fantasy characters;
1) The Healer (all court player)
2) The DPS (aggressive baseliner)
3) The Tank (counter-puncher)

This is achieved through task (partner) and team based learning. The ball is in your court.








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Your online facilitator:

Emma Doyle

Emma is passionately involved in creating gender equality in all sports and the workplace by educating coaches and empowering females; aiming to stretch their comfort zone, build their confidence and discover their inner coach. Emma embodies the principles within the Girl Power Camp helping you turn your motivation into activation.

This energy filled online course will leave you with practical coaching strategies that can be adapted to meet your individual needs.

Emma is TA high-performance coach with a strong background as a tennis touring professional having represented her native country of Australia over 20 times. ​She is on a TEDx speaker (Unleashing Female Potential) who is on a mission to create a world of gender equity through female empowerment.



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Testimonial - AJ Cotter, Owner at CTA Sussex (UK)

 "We had Emma Doyle and Tina Samara at our Club in summer of 2019 to run a Girl Power Camp for us. The feedback we received from the girls was amazing. We had over 30 girls attend from the age of 8 to 48 – we had some mums, too! Regardless of age and ability Emma made every single one of the participants feel like they were important and engaged with them all as though it was an individual session.

The smiles on their faces said it all. The laughter you could hear was intoxicating. The effort that every single player put into the exercises was 100%.

The energy was at a peak from start to finish – and the volley dance – well, this is clearly a must for anyone and we need to get this to become a global sensation!!"

Thank you Emma and Tina for making our Girl Power Camp sensational and for making us all “better players”.