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In this online course, we focus on different ways to master your mindset in order to play tennis in the present. Being in the moment and trusting your intuition becomes easier when you have practical mindset strategies and tactics to implement on a consistent basis. The three most common strategies that have proved to be most beneficial include anchoring, affirmations and visualizations. During the 6-minute visualizations, we tap into all the senses to help you either construct an image or remember a time to form a mental picture. This type of mindset skill has proven to be very successful from a local club level player right through to professional tennis.

For the 2018 junior FED CUP team, we visualized every morning before play and ended up winning the Asia Oceania Championship and finishing 6th at the Worlds.

The ball is in your court.

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Passionate Player from Tennis Congress

"Emma’s personalized audio transformed the flow, focus and fun of my tennis game. She explored my history with tennis, my playing style and my moments of highest performance and her audio lesson enables me to affirm and anchor it. Before every tennis match for the last several months, I take under 10 minutes to listen to her audio lesson so I can center myself as I approach the match, come on to the court, and between points and on changeovers and be in a high-performance state. This focus equips me to avoid distractions, play point-to-point, flow into my best tennis and have more fun."

Master your Mindset

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Tailoring Mindset Visualizations

If you are interested in having three visualizations tailored to meet your specific needs, email Emma today at: [email protected] for more information.  

We take into account your learning preference, favorite color, specific anchor and affirmation that you OWN. The most popular visualizations include;

  • Pre-match Warm-up
  • Anchoring and Affirmations
  • Goal Setting
  • Between Point Routines
  • Game Plan Patterns

The Ball is in your court.

Just like Heather, you can have your own personalized visualization to help with performance anxiety when working 1 on 1 with Emma. 

Testimonial from Heather Lyons – Marathon Runner

“I approached Emma Doyle because having signed up to run my first marathon in November 2017 in New York City, the psychological/mind-set side of my training needed some work.

Before working with Emma, I was suffering periods of self-doubt as well as feeling quite overwhelmed at times with the enormity of what I was attempting. I was continually thinking about what I still had to do, rather than focusing on what I had already achieved, which was having a negative impact on my training.

After working with Emma, the difference in my mind-set was immediate. Emma taught me how to reframe my thoughts so the negative became a positive and we worked together to break down the marathon so I was running “one step at a time”. The personalized visualization recording was also extremely helpful to calm the nerves pre-race.

With this new positive mindset, at the age of 51, I completed my first marathon in 5 hours which was the goal time I had set. I sincerely can’t thank Emma enough. I am now training for my next marathon and the difference this time around is amazing. I am now training better than ever, and can’t wait to step up to the start line at the Gold Coast marathon being next on the list.”


Master your Mindset

To help you stay in the present and discover your inner coach.

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What is included in a sample pre-match warm-up visualization?

Sit back, relax and enjoy this visualization that you can listen to the night before or the morning before you compete. 

You may wish to choose an ANCHOR which is a physical trigger such as;

  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Hat
  • Vibration dampener

    And an affirmation statement such as;

  • "I am free"
  • "I belong here"
  • "I am ready"
  • "I am here and now"

    If you want to tailor a visualization to match your specific goals and needs, please email me at:

[email protected] for more information.

Master your Mindset

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