There is a famous saying down under that goes, "same, same, but different", when you want to buy the same shirt but in a different color. That is what this online course is all about. What are the similarities between pickleball and tennis as well as what are the differences? Together with OnCourt OffCourt, we have created this online course to help you "FEEL" the difference, thanks to some of the unique training aids shown in the videos.

Similarities – What crosses over?

  • GRIPS – You do need to change your grip
  • Continental on the Volley is preferred
  • Continental/Eastern on the FH is one of the options
  • Continental or eastern on the BH (more common to have single-handed)

Differences – What’s different

Common Mistakes

  • Tennis players attempt to hit the ball too hard
  • Tennis players look to hit with topspin but both the equipment (paddle and ball) does not allow the ball to work in the same way and therefore the ball does not kick up as much. Note: Topspin can actually sometimes make the ball sit up nicely for your opponent to attack – be mindful!
  • Swing and the traditional loop backswing is too big
  • In tennis, you can hit the ball off-centre and get away with it. In pickleball, it is less forgiving and you need to find the center of the paddle more often. Note: Obviously, the paddle length is shorter and the weight is less than in tennis.
  • The return of serve team has the advantage because of the double bounce rule.
  • Not being able to close the net on the volley is counter-intuitive.
  • 70% of the movement in tennis is side to side and you have to cover more court compared to pickleball where the movement is forward and then when you are near the kitchen you need to move side to side but you cover a lot less court especially in doubles. 

 Read on and watch the videos to learn more. ENJOY! 

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On-Court Skills & Drills 

In these 10 videos, we cover on-court skills and drills to help convert our tennis skills into pickleball hacks. Some of the situations covered include:

  • Touch & Dink Shots
  • Kitchen Tips
  • Serve and Return of serve
  • Volleys
  • OVerheads

As well as fun tactical games to help you maximize your pickleball potential. 

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Driveway & Garage Series - Part 1: Wall Training 

Pickleball is a great workout and you can even improve your fitness and pickleball skills from home. In these 8 videos, you will gain lots of practical strategies on how to:

  • Improve your touch  
  • Strengthen your legs
  • Hit stretch balls

And, just like in tennis, the wall never misses. Have fun exploring and experimenting with this series of pickleball hacking.


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Driveway & Garage Series

Part 2: Equipment Training 

In part 2 of the driveway and garage series, there are 9 videos to help you 'FEEL' technical corrective strategies. The best part about this series is that you can improve your skills even at home thanks to OnCourt OffCourt and their variety of fun and practical training aids. For example, you will see:

  • Backswing solution
  • Pickleball Arrow
  • Hand Racquet
  • Flex Trainer

And lots more. I hope to see you on the other side. 

Your Performance Coach & Mentor

Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle began playing and coaching Pickleball during the Global Pandemic in 2020. She wanted a sport that she could play at home, keep fit and socialize with friends. Emma unleashes human potential through the ‘E’ factors, energy, empathy and enjoyment and you will see and feel this throughout her Online Pickleball Videos.

Emma is an international speaker and coach originally from Melbourne, Australia helping you turn your motivation into activation. She has been coaching for 30 years and through her keynote speaking, mentoring, coaching, and consultancy she inspires, improves, and impacts players, coaches, teams, and corporates within her Global triangle between Melbourne, Australia, Denver, Colorado and Glasgow, Scotland.

She is a Tennis Australia High-Performance coach with a strong background as a touring professional, a talent development coach and she is been the Australian Junior Fed Cup Captain-coach numerous times.  Emma’s creative coaching techniques encourages people to take action. She provides practical coaching tools to help people develop their character on and off the court.  

Contact Emma: [email protected]
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Testimonial: Kate - Pickleball Player

"I played tennis in high school and since discovering Pickleball, I now really enjoying playing both sports. After many years of not being on a court, I began playing Tennis again and started Pickleball with Emma Doyle. I love the way she just doesn't stop (energizer bunny). I get such a great workout from our sessions and she always makes the fitness side of both sports so fun. I learn best by doing and having a go straight away and so the equipment that she brings to every lesson helps me 'feel' the technical changes to accelerate my development. I highly recommend Emma's way of teaching because I guarantee that you will be inspired and walk away with a smile on your face :)!!"

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Bowie Jane - Passionate Pickleball Player

Bowie Jane is a former professional tennis player, turned Criminal Lawyer who is now a singer, songwriter and DJ living in LA. What does Bowie Jane do to keep fit? Cross fit and PICKLEBALL.

“I can't believe how fun Pickleball is, especially when training with Emma Doyle. It is really easy to pick up, especially if you have a tennis background. While I am still getting used to the scoring system, the videos within this online course have helped me to develop my touch skills (so important when you are near the kitchen). The first thing I wanted to do is hit the ball really hard and go on the offensive, however, pickleball is as much about patience and finesse as it as about having fun with your mates! Thank you, Emma Doyle, for this opportunity to be inspired, stay fit and healthy, and be motivated to want to learn more."

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