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Presentation Blueprint

Welcome to the online learning course called Presentation Blueprint (PB). This PB has been designed to boost your speaking confidence and enhance your coaching presence both on and off the court.

PB covers three core units (preparation, relationships and courage) and nine modules to help guide you every step of the way. Ultimately, you will walk away ready to deliver either a presentation and/or deliver your coaching lessons with confidence.

You will learn about how to be better prepared, how to build a relationship with your audience (and/or players) so that you have the courage to deliver presentations and lessons with impact true to your own style.


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Lisa Pugliese-LaCroix

Founder | Love Serving Autism, Delray Beach, FL, USA

“The Presentation Blueprint workshop was exactly what I needed to prepare me for my nonprofit organization speaking opportunities. Emma did an incredible job providing strategies and tools to strengthen my confidence and enhance my speaking skills for reaching a broader audience to share LSA's vision. Thank You, Emma!”

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What you will able to add to your coaching toolkit;


  • Players
  • UnPack
  • ImPact


  • Pace – learn how to engage, pace and lead  the audience
  • Posture 
  • Presenter


  • Picture
  • Presence 
  • Poise
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Testimonial -

Carla McKenzie, Director of Tennis of The Shore and Country Club

 “Emma Doyle is the greatest coach I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. She brings so much energy to her lessons and presentations and has the ability to keep everyone engaged. Over the years, Emma has helped me with so many things including my club teams, conflict resolution strategies, my presentations skills, the delivery of my communication in lessons and she has changed the way I coach for the better. I can’t thank Emma enough for all the knowledge she has shared with me over the years and I look forward to what she has in store for the future.”





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Your online facilitator:

Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle is your presentation blueprint coach helping you turn your motivation into activation. This energy-filled online course will leave you with practical coaching strategies that can be adapted to meet your individual needs. Emma is a TA high-performance coach with a strong background as a tennis touring professional having represented her native country of Australia over 20 times. She is passionate about helping you discover your authentic voice, enhance your speaking skills and improve your coaching court presence so that you can authentically impact one to many. Below is a summary list of Emma's speaking engagements;

  • TEDx Oneonta, New York (2017)
  • ITF – Mexico (2013), Turkey (2015), Doha (2018)
  • United States Tennis Association and USPTA – USA (2013 – ongoing)
  • Professional Tennis Registry – London and USA (2013 – ongoing)
  • Federazione Italiana Tennis – Rome, Italy (2015 and 2017 and invited for 2019)
  • Akademia Trenerów Tenisa – Poland (2014 – ongoing)
  • North Cyprus Tennis Federation – Cyprus (2015 – ongoing)
  • Australian Open Grand Slam Coaches Conferences (2002, 2012 – ongoing) Melbourne
  • Behind Closed Doors – Corporate Sports and leadership (2015)
  • Tennis Congress – Arizona (2015, 2017, 2019 – ongoing)
  • Scottish Women in Sport Conference (2017)
  • Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Sport Wales– London (2017)
  • Vienna Tennis Association (2017)
  • Women's Tennis Coaching Association (2017 – Ongoing)
  • Festival of Doers – Switzerland (2018)
  • Vayner Media – Empowerment Workshop – New York (2018)
  • The United Kingdom Coaches Conference – Edinburgh (2018)
  • Equal Playing Field – Lyon, France (2019)
  • New Zealand Coaches Conference – Auckland (2020)
  • Norwegian Tennis Conference (2020)

Start presenting to small audiences and slowly STRETCH your comfort zone. The world is filled with wonderful opportunities.

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Testimonial: Lisa Molholt -

 Junior Tennis Director | Tennis Center Sand Point, Seattle, USA

“I loved learning from Emma’s workshop Presentation Blueprint for boosting my speaking confidence. She’s a genius and has put together a workshop that everyone should take! My speaking confidence, engagement and topics with my staff has never been so powerful! My team is working at a level I never thought we’d get too.

Thank you!”

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