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The purpose of the Women's Coaching Association Education Platform is to inspire, improve and impact the knowledge, skills and performance of women in coaching. We are striving to create a world of gender equality in the coaching industry. To support this mission, the coach education platform serves as a safe space for coaches to learn online, share their ideas and walk away feeling energised and empowered. By investing in yourself as a coach, this will help to create gender equity and a sense of belonging. Together we can all make a difference as role models in the coaching industry - one snowflake at a time.

We currently have the following online courses available;


1) Presentation Blueprint – 

Deliver your Coaching message with Impact


2) Empower Hour –

Boost your Courage, enhance your Relationships and find real Purpose


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Women's Coaching Association –
Aish Ravi

"Our mission is to encourage and empower women and girls to coach sport. We do that by providing support, network opportunities, education and a voice for women & girls who coach."

Website – womenscoaching.com.au

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Your Facilitator – Emma Doyle

“My mission is to harness energy and empower people to take authentic action so that they can see real possibilities and live successful outcomes beyond what they ever could have imagined, ultimately unleashing human potential.”

Website – acecoach.com.au

What you will able to add to your coaching toolkit;


  • Players - understand your audience
  • UnPack - your intellectual property in an elegant way
  • ImPact - learn the logical talk process


  • Pace - learn how to engage, pace and lead  the audience
  • Posture - how do you keep your audience engaged
  • Presenter - you are there to be in service to your audience


  • Picture - tells 1,000 words! Do you know your best colors?
  • Presence - learn how to have presence of mind
  • Poise - emotional flexibility is a learned skill

BONUS CONTENT: Learn about the Conflict Resolution Strategy to help you have those courageous conversations that you may have been avoiding in the past. And a presentation about Elite Teams and the keys to effective communication.

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Course #2: Empower Hour

The Empower Hour online course is made up of an introduction and 9 modules that focuses on the development of boosting confidence, enhancing relationships and finding purpose. You will be taken on a journey that encourages you to become more self-aware, enhance your communication skills and become more connected to your world. 

Each week you will be given a game plan to ignite your motivation and help you to stay accountable.

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About Julia & Aish

Julia has a background of 20 years working within the education sector as a leading teacher, facilitator and lecturer.  She has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom, across the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of education, predominantly with physical & health education, sport development and teacher education.  More recently, Julia moved into the research space, where she is currently completing a Doctor of Philosophy, at Monash University, in the area of gender equality in sport. It was through this research that Julia met Aish Ravi, who is also studying a Doctor of Philosophy. 

Julia and Aish began to investigate what supports were available for women who coach sport and in doing so they found limited support was available. They soon realised there was a benefit in bringing women together from all sports as they faced similar barriers, challenges and opportunities.  Hence, the Women’s Coaching Association (WCA) was established in 2020.  Julia and Aish, both women who coach sport, founded the Women’s Coaching Association to empower, support and encourage women to participate in coaching sport.  Women supporting each other across all sports and more broadly, across the globe! 

Julia met Emma Doyle through the AFLW 'She Can Coach' mentoring initiative and they have been in contact ever since. They are both passionate about how education can support, inspire and enhance the careers of women in coaching.


Testimonial –

Carla McKenzie, Director of Tennis of The Shore and Country Club

 “Emma Doyle is the greatest coach I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. She brings so much energy to her lessons and presentations and has the ability to keep everyone engaged. Over the years, Emma has helped me with so many things including my club teams, conflict resolution strategies, my presentations skills, the delivery of my communication in lessons and she has changed the way I coach for the better. I can’t thank Emma enough for all the knowledge I have gained and for putting together a first-class online course in Presentation Blueprint. I look forward to what she has in store for the future.”

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