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ACE Tennis for Kids - Blue Book (2 - 5 years)

Fun and simple activities showing you how to play with your child to help develop fundamental perceptual motor skills that are beneficial for all sports in the future. Decision-making is all about the ball and movements.

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ACE Tennis for Kids - Red Book (5 - 8 years)

At this ego-centric stage, the focus is on creativity and fun. Decisions are based on what the child wants to do with two options, for example, do I want to hit the ball "hard" or "soft", "high" or "low", "cross" or line", etc. 

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ACE Tennis for Kids - Orange Book (7 - 9 years)

This is a critical stage of development because we have to help the player's fall in love with the shape of the court and consequently all of the amazing elements that tennis has to offer. Decisions are tailored towards court positioning, for example, do you want to "rally", "attack" or "defend?".

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Get a Grip on TENNIS - Your Home Program Solutions

Stuck at home? Why not take this opportunity to work on your coordination and tennis skills using gamification principles. You can practice by yourself or with your parent/s and take this time to keep active, have fun and always look for opportunities to practice.

What's included;
Activities for children aged 8 years and under we cover coordination challenges with and without tennis equipment.

For 8 years and over we cover;

Lesson 1) Continental Grip License – SERVE, Lesson 2) Continental Grip VOLLEY, Lesson 3) Continental Grip BACKHAND

Get a GRIP on your serve;
Lesson 1) Doctor Ball Lift – SERVE, Lesson 2) Find your Rhythm – SERVE

Check out the video below to see a sample of 3 levels from the Find your Rhythm lesson. I hope to see you on the other side.

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ACE Tennis for Kids - Green Book (9+ years)

ACE Tennis for Kids – Green Book is the final video and book in this series of practical activities showing you how to practice play with children aged approximately 9+ years.  The activities focus on self-awareness of game styles and that of your opponent's. We want the children to fall in love with the battle of competition.

Remember that the ball is in your court.
Happy hitting :)
Coach Emma

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What do I wear on my feet to play tennis?

The book and video, "What do I wear on my feet to play tennis?" is a Dr Seuss inspired tennis book appropriate for children aged approximately 2 – 5 years.  It is a short story and video with some simple and fun activity suggestions.  The music that accompanies the story helps to captivate and engage children.  Movement for children is an essential foundation for a healthy lifestyle and improved levels of co-ordination in children builds self-esteem leading to greater confidence. 

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Coordination = Confidence

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Testimonial -

Heather Di Marco parent of US Division 1 College Player

"Emma Doyle’s casts a shadow and leaves an imprint on many children that she deals with every single day.  You always remain in the moment, never distracted from what else is happening in your life, you are the eternal optimist in so many ways, yet you find the way to continue to challenge, and provoke a curiosity for learning in others.  What is most important is that you have helped kids like, like my son Connor, grow not just as a player but also as a person.  You can only do this from a position of care. Thank you for working with my son."  

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